Collection: Life of Fred

The Life of Fred series of books offers a humorous look at mathematics, with a method of teaching concepts you never thought possible. Your children will enjoy learning addition & subtraction right up to fractions, algebra and other mathematical concepts, all through reading about the adventures of little Fred. Fred is a math genius who enjoys using math to solve problems in his everyday life. 

Life of Fred is perfect for children who enjoy reading or listening to stories. Use as either a full curriculum or a fun addition to a more formal math curriculum.  Even children who have previously not enjoyed math have been begging for their daily dose of 'Fred'. 

Books go from primary right through to university level.

Primary Books are 10x books of Apples through to Jellybeans

Intermediate Books are Kidney, Liver & Mineshaft

Beginning High School are Pre Algebra 0,1 & 2, along with Decimals & Percents and Fractions.

From there you can pick and choose what subjects within Maths most appeals.

Great real life books at High School level are Logic and Financial Choices. For High Level Mathematical theorems and practice try Real Analysis and Five Days