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Welcome to the Life of Fred, a quirky young Maths Genius who will make you look at learning Maths in a whole new way. Your kids will laugh their way through learning maths and keep coming back for more.

The Human Face of Fractions

If you know your addition and multiplication tables by heart, your next step is to get to know Fred.

In this book (Life of Fred: Fractions) and the next book (Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents) you can learn everything you need to know to begin algebra!

In one morning, our hero:

  • Teaches a class at the university
  • Buys a bicycle
  • In his office, he hurts his foot and is taken to the hospital.

...and that's just the beginning of his day!

Less Than, Billion, Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers, Diameter and Radius, Savings and Expenses, Definition of a Fraction, Sectors, Comparing Fractions, Reducing Fractions, Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Common Denominators, Roman Numerals, Least Common Multiples, Improper Fractions, Lines of Symmetry, Division by Zero, Circumference, Multiplying Mixed Numbers, Commutative Law, Canceling, Definition of a Function, Area, Unit Analysis, Division of Fractions, Geometric Figures, Estimating Answers.


Need more practice with fractions? Zillions of Practice Problems Fractions has you covered!

This book is the companion to Life of Fred: Fractions and has hundreds of new problems organized according to the chapters of Life of Fred: Fractions.. These problems contain lots of tiny stories about Fred and his friends, Joe and Darlene. All problems are worked out with complete solutions and answers...except for one!

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