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Advanced Algebra - Expanded Edition

Advanced Algebra - Expanded Edition

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Welcome to the Life of Fred, a quirky young maths genius who will make you look at learning maths in a whole new way. Your kids will laugh their way through learning maths and keep coming back for more.


The Human Face of Advanced Algebra

Every aspect of advanced algebra pops in our hero's everyday life

  • Romance! How to approach a good-looking passenger on the bus
  • Cuisine! What pie you shouldn't order...unless you're rich
  • Travel! Parts of Kansas you've never been to
  • Fashion! Hairless anteriors and gold chains
  • Music! Contains the piano music—newest hit from Rockin' Rita

All fun! Just open and enjoy.

This book replaces both Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra and Fred's Home Companion: Advanced Algebra. This book has all the problems completely worked out, which wasn't true in the old books. It costs less, too.

The author recommends taking Advanced Algebra before Geometry.

All of second-year high school algebra: Ratios, Median averages, Proportions, Dividing by zero, Cross-multiplying, Constants of proportionality, Inverse variation, Direct variation, Joint variation, Weight varies directly as the cube of the height, Area varies directly as the square of the height, Volume varies directly as the cube of the height, Laws of exponents, Rationalizing the denominator, Pythagorean theorem, Solving radical equations, Surface area of a cone, A Brief History of mathematics, Natural numbers, Whole numbers, Integers, Irrational numbers, Real numbers, Imaginary numbers, Complex numbers, Velocity, Conversion factors, Unit analysis, Venn diagrams, Union of sets, Disjoint sets, Subsets, Intersection of sets, Significant digits in addition and multiplication, Scientific notation, Exponential equations, Logarithms, Product, quotient, birdie, and power rules for logarithms, Using a scientific calculator, Finding antilogs, Three definitions of logarithms, Change-of-base rule for logarithms, Graphing, Abscissa, Ordinate, Quadrants, Slope, Slope given two points, Slope-intercept and double-slope forms of the line, Slopes of perpendicular lines, Multiplying binomials, Factoring binomials,and lots more.


Need a lot of practice or stuck on a particular kind of problem? This book has been requested by many readers. It is keyed directly to the chapters and topics of Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra. Each problem is worked out in complete detail.

  • Ten exponential equations worked out step by step.
  • Over 40 problems dealing with functions.
  • Sixteen imaginary number problems solved in detail.
  • Eleven linear programming problems—each taking about a page to solve.
  • A bonus six-page introduction to Turing Machines.


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