Collection: Math.U.See

Created by Demme Learning in the USA, Math.U.See is complete Primary & Secondary level, skilled based, multi-sensory math programme that will transform how you teach your kids Math. It works well in a variety of learning environments and is fantastic especially for home educating families and those who struggle with traditional rote learning methods. 

The Math.U.See programme produces confident problem solvers who will enjoy and understand learning math. Students Learn math concepts, ideas and applications using the hands on manipulative blocks, with the facts, rules and formulas to support their learning. 

With Steve Demme teaching using engaging videos, manipulative blocks so you can SEE and DO the math concept being taught, your child will understand math in a whole new way. The programme is sequential rather than spiral, and is mastery based, ensuring the concept taught is mastered before moving on to the next concept.

Having used the Math.U.See curriculum since we started our own home educating Journey 13 years ago, EngagingMinds is Proud to be the official NZ and Australian resellers of Math.U.See products.

The programme is designed in the USA but here at Engaging Minds, we sell the New Zealand/Australian Edition Student Kits and Instruction Manuals, so the books use metric measurement system. Used successfully by many thousands of NZ & Australian families, you don't have to be a math expert to begin to teach math successfully and your students don't have to struggle with math any more.

Not sure where to start? using Math.U.See Placement test online.

For sample videos and more information see

Math U See BOOKS are printed here in NZ, the DVDS we produce ourselves, so if we happen to be out of stock, they will only ever be a few weeks away! Math U See blocks and other products are imported from the USA so if they are out of stock, message us to see when they next shipment is due. Access to a digital platform is being worked on by Demme Learning.