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Math.U.See Geometry

Math.U.See Geometry

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Math.U.See Geometry

Points, lines, planes, angles, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, Pythagorean Theorem, conic sections, proofs and more.

Major Concepts and Skills Include:

  • Describing points, lines, rays, line segments, angles, and planes
  • Calculating the measure of the interior and exterior angles of a regular polygon
  • Understanding the geometry of a circle, sphere, and ellipse
  • Understanding and computing volume and surface area of solids
  • Using the Pythagorean theorem to identify triangle attributes
  • Applying postulates, theorems, definitions, and properties to geometric proofs

      Additional Concepts and Skills:

      • Using a protractor to construct angles
      • Using a compass to construct bisectors
      • Constructing and identifying triangles
      • Working with algebraic expressions containing radicals
      • Completing geometric transformations within a Cartesian plane
      • Understanding basic trigonometric functions

          Geometry Instruction Pack includes: Instruction Manual & DVD

          Geometry Student pack includes: Student Workbook & Test & Activity booklet. 

          Honors Textbook:  Geometry Honors Textbook provides extension work or extra practice for those working through Geometry.

          Grab an extra Student Pack for an additional Student.

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