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Math.U.See Calculus
Math.U.See Calculus
Math.U.See Calculus
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Math.U.See Calculus

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Derivatives, integrals, calculus applications, differential equations, and more.

Major Concepts and Skills Include:

  • Understanding limits and continuity
  • Working with derivatives and derivative rules
  • Using Implicit Differentiation
  • Applying L’Hôpital’s Rule
  • Working with definite and indefinite integrals
  • Working with exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivatives

Additional Concepts and Skills:

  • Applying the Chain Rule and the Mean Value Theorem
  • Optimizing with calculus
  • Understanding antiderivatives
  • Working with integration formulas
  • Solving differential equations
  • Applying calculus to physics and economics

Instructors Pack Includes : Teachers Guide and Teaching DVDs

Student Packs includes: Student workbook & Test book

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