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Math.U.See Pre-Algebra
Math.U.See Pre-Algebra
Math.U.See Pre-Algebra
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Math.U.See Pre-Algebra

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Math.U.See Pre-Algebra

Negative numbers, order of operations, solving for the unknown, and other topics.

Major Concepts and Skills Include:

  • Fluently adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative numbers
  • Understanding and simplifying exponents
  • Using properties of operations, order of operations, and absolute value
  • Expanding understanding of place value
  • Evaluating radicals
  • Identifying the least common multiple and greatest common factor

Additional Concepts and Skills:

  • Using the Pythagorean theorem to identify triangle attributes
  • Transforming temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Understanding and computing surface area and volume
  • Adding and subtracting time using both 12-hour and military notation
  • Adding and multiplying polynomials
  • Identifying rational and irrational numbers

For Sample Lessons,  pre-algebra overview and more info please see MathUSee website

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