Collection: Maths Smart

Maths SMART is uses the well known Singapore Method we love, while comprehensively covering the learning outcomes of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum framework. 

Maths SMART builds a strong foundation of the subject through the use of well-researched and sound pedagogical principals.  Adopting the popular Concrete > Pictorial > Abstract approach widely used in the Singapore Mathematics curriculum, pupils are introduced to new concepts through concrete manipulatives and engaging pictorials before they are led to see their abstract symbolic representations.  This allows pupils to have a deeper understanding of key mathematical concepts, thus motivating them to learn.
Content is clearly structured and spiralled across the levels to ensure a gradual build-up and review of skills as pupils progress up the grades.  At the same time, emphasis is given on developing pupils' problem solving skills, critical thinking & creativity needed in the modern workforce.

Maths SMART also develops pupil's exam confidence.  A wide variety of practice questions are provided at frequent and appropriate junctures.  This ensures that there is immediate reinforcement of concepts and sufficient practice to enable pupils to attain mastery, thus preparing them well for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests.

The Maths SMART system consists of Levels 1-6 with each level having both A & B. Each level taking approximately 1 year throughout the primary years. There are 3 books with each Level with a Teachers Manual, Student Workbook & Student Textbook. The Teachers Manual providing an array of ideas resources for complete teaching support. The Textbook can be shared between students but each student will need student workbook as they are consumable.