Collection: Analytical Grammar


The Analytical Grammar curriculum helps students communicate more effectively by providing thoughtful instruction of English grammar. Rather than relying on memorization, this program uses activities that lead students to develop a genuine understanding of grammar.

Develop a Genuine Understanding of English Grammar

The Analytical Grammar curriculum teaches grammar successfully, even with no previous grammatical studies! Analytical Grammar covers it all with:

  • Easy-to-follow lessons
  • Detailed notes for students and instructors
  • Activities, such as diagramming, that help students see how the parts of sentences fit together

Why Study Grammar?

Grammar is one part of a comprehensive language arts program. Studying grammar and mechanics helps us become better communicators because grammar:

  • Is the framework of all sentences we hear, speak, read, and write
  • Improves listening and reading comprehension
  • Makes our writing clearer to others

Find the Right Fit!

Students should be introduced to grammatical concepts when they’re developmentally ready. That’s why it’s so important that your student starts a grammar curriculum at the appropriate level.

Placement activities will help you find the best starting point, see for further details.