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What Is WriteShop?

WriteShop Teaches Kids to Write … and Shows You How to Teach

WriteShop teaches kids to write and shows you how to teach them to write! Putting words on paper might come naturally to you, but how do you pass on what you know and love to a child?

WriteShop understands the challenges of teaching writing. That’s why they created materials that teach your child how to write—and show you how to teach. Whether your children are very young or well into their teens, WriteShop’s step-by-step lessons will help you introduce and review the building blocks of the writing process.

WriteShop Has Writing Curriculum for All Ages

WriteShop is an award-winning writing curriculum that has been equipping homeschooling families and writing instructors since 2001. We have resources for all ages, from kindergarten through high school. 

  • WriteShop Primary. WriteShop Primary is all about helping your student feel successful through instructor-led activities. Themes, shared writing, picture books, games, and crafts make writing engaging. If your student isn’t reading or writing yet, that’s okay! Every activity can be done orally.  Learn more
  • WriteShop Junior. WriteShop Junior introduces students to the excitement of writing in different genres, including mysteries, science fiction, and nonfiction. They are able to write in each genre after examining and discussing important elements with their instructor. WriteShop Junior engages students with a variety of skill-building activities and games that don’t require any writing. Even the editing process is positive and likable!  Learn more
  • WriteShop I and II. With WriteShop I and II, teens will tackle descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive writing by examining model texts and responding to interesting prompts. They’ll master using sentence variations, making strong word choices, and utilizing each step of the writing process to its full potential.  Learn more
  • Placement Test. For a quick placement test that will help place your child click here.