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WriteShop Primary Book C

WriteShop Primary Book C

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In Book C, writers practice adding descriptive and telling words to their work to create more detailed writing pieces. Instructors guide students in editing activities that focus on basic capitalization and punctuation of sentences, locating misspelled words, and checking for the main ingredients of a story. Writing activities expand to include summarizing a favorite book, retelling a personal experience, and writing a short research-based article.

Teacher's Guide

The Book C Teacher's Guide includes an introduction to WriteShop, schedule planning tools, and detailed explanations of each element of a lesson. Individual lesson instructions include clear objectives, material lists, and step-by-step instructions. Additionally, lessons may include writing samples, sample dialogues, and prompts.

Activity Pack

The Book C Activity Pack features 20 activity worksheets that support the skills taught in each of the 10 lessons. The reverse side of each worksheet offers an illustrated, lined page where children can independently practice handwriting, spelling, or other basic writing skills according to their ability. The pack also contains evaluation charts for tracking each child's progress.

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