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University Ready Writing

University Ready Writing

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In this twelve-week video course, high school and college students learn effective note-taking strategies as they write précis (summaries) and essays, tackling assignments of varying lengths from one paragraph to several pages. With tips and tools for writing an abstract, creating and arranging content, citing sources, applying various style guides, using literary devices, and writing on-demand essays, this curriculum will prepare your students for university writing assignments.

Prepare your student for college-level writing assignments with this 12-week course. If you’re familiar with IEW’s process, Andrew Pudewa’s instruction, and program components (student consumable and binder, teacher book, portable walls, key-word outline and video teaching), this course will be a fabulous next step in preparing for academic writing. If you’ve never used an IEW program: no worries! You can easily step in and benefit from this course—no pre-reqs! Students can stay fairly self-directed using their Student book and Binder: assignments are delineated; check-the-box steps are organized by days. Teacher books provide brief video summaries, the student book in small-format, additional teaching information, answers (when applicable), and more. The purchase of the Teacher’s Manual allows an e-audio download of Hacking High School (download instructions included in each text). Students will learn and practice varied writing types: taking notes from written and verbal sources; précis (similar to an abstract), writing prompts, a personal essay, position paper, reflection essay, and mimic a famous author’s writing style (while learning more about their own style). In addition, students will learn some very college-specific writing skills: note-taking practice, timed essays, MLA and APA documentation styles, bibliographies, and avoiding plagiarism. For the required video instruction, choose between either the forever streaming or DVD options.

This package includes all components necessary for this course for one student: student binder and pages, teacher’s manual, portable walls for academic writing, and forever streaming access to 15 total hours (12 videos) of Pudewa's lectures. Streaming access is for one family and includes English subtitles. Directions for accessing the streaming videos are included in the package.

Extra student packets sold separately for extra students.

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