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The Read Aloud Family: Making meaningful and lasting memories with your kids

The Read Aloud Family: Making meaningful and lasting memories with your kids

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  • Classical Academic Press is excited to again partner with Sarah Mackenzie, founder of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast and author of the immensely popular Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace, published by Classical Academic Press. We offer you her newest book, The Read-Aloud Family, published by Zondervan. In The Read-Aloud Family Sarah champions the lifelong benefits of reading to children, offers extensive book lists, and equips parents to make reading aloud a lasting family ritual.

    Connecting deeply with our kids can be difficult in our busy, technology-driven lives. Reading aloud offers us a chance to be fully present with our children in spite of whatever chaos the day brings, allowing us to develop meaningful bonds that can form no other way. As Sarah Mackenzie has found with her six children, reading aloud to kids long after they are able to read to themselves gives us the opportunity to go on adventures together, side by side. Sharing stories with our children and teenagers fortifies them with the inner strength they need to handle life's challenges. Reading aloud increases academic success, inspires compassion, and builds character in a world more and more difficult for children to navigate without a strong foundation.

    Sarah knows first-hand how reading can change a child's life. In The Read-Aloud Family, she gives you the inspiration, tips and tricks, and age-appropriate book lists you need to start a read-aloud movement in your own home. From a toddler's wonder to a teenager's resistance, Sarah details practical strategies to make reading aloud to your child a meaningful family ritual.

    The stories we read, and the conversations we have about them, help shape family traditions, create lifelong memories, and become part of our legacy. Reading aloud not only has the power to change a family--it has the power to change the world.
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