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The Discovery of Deduction

The Discovery of Deduction

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The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic will welcome your students into the fascinating realm of formal, deductive logic. This text teaches students how an argument is put together—the form or structure of an argument. It pulls back the curtain to show students not only how arguments work, but also how to assess what’s going on in their own minds. The Discovery of Deduction

 is recommended for students who have studied informal fallacies, such as those taught in The Art of Argument: An Introduction to the Informal Fallacieshowever, the text does also stand on its own as an independent study of formal logic.

“My chief objection to a quarrel,” G.K. Chesterton wrote, “is that it ends a good argument.”

Full program includes:

  • The Discovery of Deduction (consumable student edition) This book makes a subject usually reserved for study in college accessible and relevant to logic-stage students, who are at an age when they are beginning to engage with important ideas. This text emphasizes the practical and real-world application of soundly structured deductive logic. Using methods such as Socratic dialogue, ample discussion, and integration of other subjects, the text approaches formal logic in the ideal way for dialectic students. Starting with a short history of Aristotelian logic, students move from there to learning how to translate arguments from ordinary, conversational, or written narratives into categorical form. Students then build on those skills as they study how to construct syllogisms and test them for validity. As a part of this process, they study the square of opposition and relationships of equivalence, learning how to make valid propositional inferences and analyze syllogisms.
  • The Discovery of Deduction Teacher’s Edition This edition features the entire student text, along with an answer key, teaching tips, sample essays, dialogues, and arguments.
  • The Discovery of Deduction Streaming Video  In these chapter-by-chapter lessons, instructor Joelle Hodge, coauthor of the text and Scholé Academy director, explains the concepts of formal logic, providing a variety of examples and applications along with plenty of visual aids to help students master the content. Students will also learn to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls often made when trying to tackle this challenging subject on their own. Featuring 20+ hours of high-definition footage, The Discovery of Deduction Streaming Video provides a simulated in-class experience without the cost of a full course!
  • The Discovery of Deduction Assessments, Quizzes & Extra Practice (PDF) This supplementary PDF resource of assessments, quizzes, and extra practice will help you to ensure that your students have mastered the concepts of formal logic presented in The Discovery of Deduction.
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