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The Curious Historian 3A

The Curious Historian 3A

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A one-semester course for grades 7 and up

The Curious Historian Level 3 is the third part in a 3-level series that presents the study of history and culture from the beginnings of civilization (Mesopotamia and Egypt) through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Students will grow excited about history, see how people throughout the ages were both similar to and different from themselves, and learn to be scholars of the past who can make a difference in the future. The Curious Historian Level 3A: The Early Middle Ages (TCH3A) introduces students to:

  • Unit I: The Divided World of the Early Middle Ages
    • The twilight of the western Roman Empire
    • The feudal kingdoms of western Europe
    • The rise of Islam
  • Unit II: The Carolingian Age
    • The empire of Charlemagne
    • The Vikings
    • The Byzantine Empire
    • The expansion of western Christendom
    • The Normans
  • Unit III: The Eastern World
    • China through an intermediate period to the Sui and Tang dynasties
    • The Gupta Empire and arrival of Islam in India
    • Islamic and Byzantine civilizations

The Curious Historian teacher’s editions include detailed teacher notes and tips, a suggested weekly schedule, answer keys for all exercises, and sample responses and prompts for the discussion questions.

Bonus Digital Resources for Level 3A is a collection of PDFs which is complimentary when you purchase The Curious Historian Level 3A Program (or available for purchase separately). These digital files can be printed and either distributed to students or displayed in the classroom:

  • The Curious Historian Level 3A Quizzes (PDF) and Answer Key (PDF) 
  • “Four Categories of Virtues (and Vices)” chart (PDF) from TCH3A appendix C
  • The “Spotlight on Virtue” discussion questions (PDF) from TCH3A appendix C
  • Reference Archive charts from TCH3A appendix G

Plus: A supplemental Go Deeper PDF will be available to view for free! This resource includes additional information to share with your students or explore for your own interest: fun tidbits, links to museum collections of artifacts, links to virtual tours of medieval ruins and other key sites, and much more. Icons in the teacher’s edition indicate when to reference this optional resource.

“We believe that history is about more than memorizing dates, reciting lists of kings and emperors, and remembering who won which battle in wars that changed the world forever. History is also the study of the people who lived during those events. From the beginning of recorded time, people have invented new ways to do things, created beauty in dreary places, and erected buildings and monuments that continue to inspire us. Some of these people became well-known figures and others were ordinary men and women like you and me. But all of us are part of the greater tree of humankind, and we each need to know what our part is as a leaf upon that tree. Without an understanding of the past, we will be less equipped to live in the present and plan for the future.” —Dr. Christopher Perrin

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