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The Curious Historian 2B

The Curious Historian 2B

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A one-semester course for grades 6 and up

The Curious Historian Level 2 is the second part in a 3-level series that presents the study of history and culture from the beginnings of civilization (Mesopotamia and Egypt) through the classical world to the Middle Ages. Students will grow excited about history, see how people throughout the ages were both similar to and different from themselves, and learn to be scholars of the past who can make a difference in the future.

The Curious Historian Level 2B: Rome and the Classical World (TCH2B) introduces students to:

  • Unit I: The Roman Republic
    • The early beginnings of Rome
    • Roman citizens, soldiers, and deities
    • The Roman Republic’s Great Wars
    • Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, and the Principate
    • Remarkable Romans—historians, poets, scientists, and more

  • Unit II: The Roman Empire
    • The Julio-Claudian and Flavian Dynasties
    • The Antonine and the Severan Dynasties
    • Diocletian and the Dominate
    • Constantine and the rise of Christianity
    • Roman culture—the life of Roman women and slaves

  • Unit III: Empires of the East
    • China during the Warring States Period
    • The Qin and Han dynasties of China
    • The early Middle Kingdoms Period in India

The TCH2B student edition includes weekly chapter lessons that present a chronological narrative of history. Accompanying sidebars feature historical and archaeological tidbits, discussion questions, and Latin root words for key vocabulary. A wealth of exercises, hands-on projects and activities, maps, and appendices help to present the study of history in an engaging, creative manner.

Plus: A supplemental Go Deeper PDF will be available to view for free! This resource includes additional information to share with your students or explore for your own interest: fun tidbits, links to museum collections of artifacts, links to virtual tours of ruins and key sites in Rome, and much more. Icons in the teacher’s edition indicate when to reference this optional resource.

The Curious Historian Level 2B Teacher’s Edition includes the full student text, detailed teacher notes and tips, a suggested weekly schedule, answer keys for all exercises, and sample responses and prompts for the discussion questions.

The Curious Historian's Archive: Extra Resources for Level 2B is a collection of digital supplemental materials that correspond with the TCH2B student edition. Available from Classical Academic Press as a digital download.

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