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The Curious Historian 1A

The Curious Historian 1A

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The Curious Historian Level 1 is the first part in a 3-level series that presents the study of history and culture from the beginnings of civilization (Mesopotamia and Egypt) through the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions of the modern world. Students will grow excited about history, see how people throughout the ages were both similar to and different from themselves, and learn to be scholars of the past who can make a difference in the future.

The Curious Historian Level 1A: The Early & Middle Bronze Ages (consumable student edition) includes weekly chapter lessons that present a chronological narrative of history. Accompanying sidebars feature historical and archaeological tidbits, discussion questions, and Greek/Latin root words for key vocabulary. A wealth of exercises, hands-on projects and activities, maps, and appendices help to present the study of history in an engaging, creative manner. The Curious Historian Level 1A (TCH1A) will introduce students to:

  • Unit I: Ancient Mesopotamia
    • The ancient Sumerian city-states
    • The Akkadian, Ur III, and Old Babylonian Empires
    • Sargon the Great and Hammurabi
    • Mesopotamian culture: ziggurats, cuneiform, and religion
  • Unit II: Ancient Egypt
    • The Egyptian Archaic Period
    • The gifts of the Nile River
    • The Egyptian Old and Middle Kingdoms
    •  Egyptian culture: pyramids, hieroglyphics, and religion

The Curious Historian Level 1A Teacher’s Edition includes the full student text, detailed teacher notes and tips, a suggested weekly schedule, answer keys for all exercises, and sample responses and prompts for the discussion questions. View sample here.

The Curious Historian Archive: Extra Resources for Level 1A is a collection of supplemental materials that correspond with the TCH1A student edition. The digital files include:

  • Entertaining songs summarizing the key events and cultural aspects discussed in each unit, plus a “Top Things to Remember” song. Sample songs here.
  • A Biblical Connections in TCH1A PDF that draws connections to biblical history, figures, and locations, as well as scripture verses, within the context of the chapter narrative
  • A Reading Guide for TCH1A PDF that features recommended books for both students and teachers
  • Printable, full-color unit time lines, timetables, and reference charts, as well as extra blank maps to label (for those wishing to incorporate geography practice into their study of history)
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