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Teaching the Classics 2nd Ed
Teaching the Classics 2nd Ed

Teaching the Classics 2nd Ed

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Revolutionize the way you and your students view literature! Learn how to read and discuss works of literature—from children's books to classic novels—and equip students with literary analysis tools that bring literature to life.

Our premier literature seminar for parents and teachers, Teaching the Classics will revolutionize the way you and your students read books.

By using short stories as the models and the Socratic approach as the method, the authors systematically prepare you to teach character, plot, theme, and other elements of fiction and literary analysis. You can quickly equip your children with literary study tools that can then be used easily on longer works. Skills gained through this program will allow you to study any piece of literature.

Includes a video seminar on 8 DVDs and a spiral-bound syllabus. Suitable for teaching all levels. Although this is meant to be teacher training, older students will enjoy viewing it too.


Adam Andrews & Missy Andrews

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