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PAL. Primary Arts of Language - Writing Pack

PAL. Primary Arts of Language - Writing Pack

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Bring your child from learning to print to writing one- to three-paragraph compositions with structure and style! This complete package includes everything you need to teach your young child to write, from printing practice and sentence formation to early grammar, story sequence analysis, and writing paragraphs.

The writing portion of Primary Arts of Language, which is divided into three parts: printing, copy work, and composition, should be used concurrently with the reading portion unless your child is already reading.

Then you can use these lessons independently. Spelling is included throughout the course.

The printing section provides an entire handwriting program to teach your student how to correctly form his letters—he will learn his letter sounds as he learns to write them.

The copy work exercises will make printing automatic in preparation for the composition lessons, which will gently teach your student to write stories and paragraphs with style.

Complete Writing package includes:

  • Primary Arts of Language: Writing Teacher’s Manual
  • Primary Arts of Language: Writing DVD-ROM
    Includes the following:
    • Instructional Video by Jill Pike
    • Five MP3 audio talks:
      • Reading Comprehension from Seuss to Socrates by Adam Andrews
      • Dictation, Narration, and Public Speaking by Andrew Pudewa
      • The Four Language Arts by Andrew Pudewa
      • Units I/II in the K–2 Classroom by Shirley George
      • Unit III in the K–2 Environment by Shirley George
      • The K–2 Writing Environment by Richelle Palmer
    • Primary Arts of Language: Writing Student Books (e-book) (purchase a hard copy separately)
  • All About Spelling Basic Interactive Kit
  • All About Spelling Level 1 (Teacher’s Manual and One Student Material Packet) by Marie Rippel


PAL Writing is made to be used concurrently with the PAL: Reading Program

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