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Novare Science: Advanced Biology

Novare Science: Advanced Biology

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Novare Science's Advanced Biology program pairs a classical, Christian approach to cutting-edge science with an advanced biology syllabus designed for students who have already completed chemistry.

Full program includes:

Advanced Biology

This comprehensive curriculum emphasizes biochemistry and covers almost all of the AP Biology syllabus, including detailed analysis of the reactions in glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and the Calvin cycle, as well as sections on signal transduction.

Advanced Biology Digital Resources

Consisting of documents only, Digital Resources include recommendations for teaching, quizzes, weekly review guides, semester exams, answer keys, sample answers to verbal questions, a lesson schedule, and a sample lesson calendar. The weekly, cumulative assessments are the central component of Novare’s mastery-learning strategy, as they require students to remember key concepts from previous chapters while learning material from new chapters.

The Apprentice’s Companion for Advanced Biology

The Apprentice’s Companion is a valuable new combination of an experiment book, field manual, lab journal, sketchbook, and commonplace book. Enhanced with images of art, poems, and quotes by respected scientists and naturalists, the book prompts students to form hypotheses, take data, and revisit those hypotheses to assess, wherever possible, if they are supported by the data.

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