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Novare Science: Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry

Novare Science: Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry

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Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry (ASPC) is an ideal first science course designed for accelerated students. These are students who love science, are strong in math, and aspire to a technical career, university or college. Students who have completed Algebra I are typically best suited to this book. The math is Algebra I level, but exercises are intentionally a little more challenging.

ASPC includes a full physics course, similar to Introductory Physics, In the spirit of "drawing students upward into the adult world of science," the 6 lab experiments for this book emphasize procedures and skills used in real science labs. Scientific notation, metric prefixes, unit conversions, keeping a lab journal, and the writing of lab reports are essential skills that students will thoroughly learn in this text. After completing this text, students will be prepared to go on to Chemistry for Accelerated Students.

Program includes:

  • Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry (ASPC), 2nd Edition ASPC surpasses other physical science texts by providing a unified, in-depth scope, teaching students to use correct terminology, to communicate in succinct technical writing, and drawing infrequently overlooked worldview matters: understanding accurately what a theory is (and what it is not), the cycle of scientific enterprise, the research community and the history of science. What is knowledge? What kind of information does science give us? What does it mean that human beings can observe and understand the world? What does it mean that mathematics is able to model the natural world?
  • Digital Resources for Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry These documents to help the teacher conduct class include a course overview, quizzes, semester exams, computational answer keys, and more.
  • Solutions Manual for Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry This useful supplement is designed for students, homeschoolers, and teachers who would like help with working out the problems and calculations in ASPC.
  • Experiments for Introductory Physics and Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry This volume contains the complete teacher’s instructions for conducting the lab experiments for Introductory Physics and Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry (ASPC)The 6 experiments are designed to teach proper laboratory skills and methods, illustrate concepts in physics, and stimulate students with interesting scientific activity. Each chapter typically includes Learning Objectives, Materials List, Experimental Purpose, Scientific Overview, Pre-Lab Discussion Points, Student Instructions, any Safety Concerns, and discussion of the use of any special apparatus. This is available on our website under the Introductory Physics program (insert link here)
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