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New Zealands Early History from a Christian Perspective

New Zealands Early History from a Christian Perspective

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from the Author:

"Coverage of New Zealand's History from the arrival of the Maori through to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. Included are the European men who discovered and named parts of our nation, the missionaries who braved many dangers to bring the gospel to our land and their effects on the indigenous people:

Complied and Written by Laury Morrison in 2000


Available in two formats:

*   A downloadable digital PDF

*   Physical Book, printed and bound by us with a thick cardboard backing and clear protective front.


DISCLAIMER: Chris and Krystel have reservations about recommending this as a balanced curriculum due to some of the view points contained within and it being written over 20 years ago. We are making it available due to requests from customers as this is approved by HSNZ for use by there students.

We will be looking to update and rewrite this in the future but it will be a mammoth task. If you have any updates, edits or suggestions we would welcome them and appreciate the feedback.


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