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Introduction to Public Speaking

Introduction to Public Speaking

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In this twelve-week course, middle- and high-school students learn memory and delivery techniques as they write and present five speeches: self-introductory, narrative, expository, persuasive, and impromptu. Students evaluate recorded speeches in preparation for self-evaluation. This self-explanatory program empowers teachers to help students become competent and confident public speakers.

Prepare your students to become confident public speakers. IEW’s video-based 12-week Introduction to Public Speaking course teaches middle- and high-schoolers memory, delivery, and evaluation techniques as well as instruction on composing and presenting five different types of speeches: self-introductory, narrative, expository, persuasive, and impromptu.  Along with Andrew Pudewa’s engaging teaching style, the video lessons include opportunities for your student to evaluate recorded speeches that model each type of presentation, and then to take about two weeks to write and practice delivery of their own work, which they also evaluate. In the Student Packet, each week’s lesson includes weekly goals, a daily schedule of written, memorization, and oral work, and poetry and short prose source material, as well as Class Notes from the video lesson teaching. The spiral-bound Teacher’s Guide includes reduced student pages with additional teaching tips and suggested answers, video board notes, and access to the sample essays presented during the video lesson. The Portable Walls six-sided quick reference guide provides fast access important concepts used throughout the course. Online access is also included to helpful PDFs, like speech templates, essay examples, and poetry selections. Students should know how to write an outline and a multiple-paragraph essay.  Grades 6 – 12.

This set includes:

  • Student Packet
  • Binder
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Portable Walls for the Public Speaker resource
  • 12 hours of streaming video lessons (access instructions on card in package)
  • 12 DVDs (12 hours)
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