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Fix It! Grammar Series

Fix It! Grammar Series

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Fix It Grammar Books

IEWs Fix It! Grammar series is Ingenious!

Ingenious! Students hunt for and correct errors in daily passages that cumulatively tell a story. Fix It! Grammar™ is a six-year, incremental program that encourages students to apply new grammar knowledge in every lesson while continuing to practice what they already know.

Level 1 Nose Tree presumes no prior grammar knowledge and introduces basic parts of speech, end-mark punctuation, phrases, clauses, homophones, and more.

Level 2 Town Mouse and Country Mouse continues defining parts of speech, explains basic comma and capitalization rules, introduces complex sentence patterns, and more.

 Level 3 Robin Hood refines concepts taught in previous levels and explains additional comma rules, various phrasal/clausal constructions, quotation punctuation, indefinite/demonstrative/reflexive pronouns, and more.

 Level 4 Mowgli and Shere Khan builds on concepts taught in previous levels and presents a thorough explanation of additional punctuation rules, essential/nonessential clauses, complex sentence patterns, transitional prepositional openers, and more.

Level 5 Frog Prince reinforces information taught in prior books while introducing and discussing advanced grammatical concepts related to verb types, noun functions, and pronoun cases. There is also an emphasis on the grammatical jobs of specific clauses and phrases.

Level 6 Little Mermaid continues to build on concepts taught in the previous books and explains advanced grammatical items, including invisible #4 and past participle openers, transitions, conjunctive adverbs, verbals, active/passive voice, parallelism, and advanced punctuation.

Fix-It Grammar Cards Thirty full-color grammar cards highlight key Fix It! Grammar concepts for quick and easy reference. Drill and review grammar concepts. A digital list of fun grammar activities and games is also included.

For additional information, sample pages and placement tests please see the IEW website

  • Fix It Grammar: The Nose Tree: Book 1 - for all levels
  • Fix it! Grammar: Town Mouse and Country Mouse: Book 2 - for all levels
  • Fix it! Grammar: Robin Hood: Book 3 - from year 7 onwards
  • Fix it! Grammar: Mowgli and Shere Khan: Book 4 - from year 7 onwards
  • Fix it! Grammar: Frog Prince: Book 5 - from year 10 onwards
  • Fix It! Grammar: Little Mermaid: Book 6 - from year 10 onwards


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