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Exploring Creation with General Science 3rd Ed

Exploring Creation with General Science 3rd Ed

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Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition, is specifically designed to walk with your middle school student transitioning from homeschool elementary courses as he or she rises up to meet his or her greater abilities and developing maturity. 

This third edition is a true general science course covering a wide range of the branches of science while making the connections between each. Students will learn what science is and, in a detailed and engaging way, how to utilize the proper scientific method.

They are walked through how to record data and report it. And far too often students are not given instruction in how to read and create graphs (a skill that is found on SAT and ACT exams), however in this course, students are taken through the process of creating several graph types, learning how to properly design and interpret them.

Apologia’s middle school science course begins with the history of science and ends with a module on science and creation. The final module in Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition, is a fun and exciting culmination of the course. It has no exam, rather students are given step-by-step instructions to build a final project of creating a Rube-Goldberg machine, incorporating many of the scientific principles they learned throughout the year (such as combustion, buoyancy, simple machines, and more).

Textbook: The textbook is written in a conversational format as the author talks directly to students, walking them through how to complete experiments, how to identify the important parts of the information presented, and where and how to take notes as they progress.

Student Notebook: The Student Notebook pairs perfectly with the textbook, providing easy-to-understand graphics where students fill in the blank spaces as they read. Thus, they are learning how to take information out of a text, identify key points, and critically think through what they are learning.

Solutions and Tests: There are tests provided for each module, and students are given many study helps via their student notes within the Student Notebook and a practice Study Guide they complete once they complete a module.

For more detailed information please see Apologias website

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