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Art of Problem Solving

BA Science 3A

BA Science 3A

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Beast Academy Science 3A is the first in a two-part Level 3 science series. BA Science 3A content is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for grade 3, but often goes well beyond what is typically expected of students. Science 3A includes units on motion, weather, and survival.

Together with 3B, Level 3 will be a complete science curriculum for motivated and curious students.

Beast Academy Science 3A Covers the Following Topics:


Habitats, competition, adaptations, feeding, protection, and cooperation.


Predicting motion and finding patterns, gathering evidence, understanding cause and effect and engineering.


Temperature and precipitation, graphing weather, day length, sun angle, the atmosphere and wind.

By Jason Batterson and Stephanie Sadrian.
Illustrated by Doğa Arı, Sarah Leuver, and Erich Owen.
Design by Doğa Arı.

Recommended for students ages 8‑10.

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