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Art of Problem Solving

BA Puzzles 3

BA Puzzles 3

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Beast Academy Puzzles 3 brings together nearly 500 brand new puzzles in 12 of our favorite styles from the Beast Academy level 3 series. Whether used on their own or with the Beast Academy level 3 curriculum, these puzzles will delight and entertain puzzle solvers of all ages. The difficulty ranges from straightforward starters to mystifying stumpers written by 2011 World Puzzle Champion Palmer Mebane.

Solving puzzles is a great way for students to:

  • Stay engaged while reinforcing math skills
  • Build spatial awareness and practice pattern recognition
  • Become better, more resilient problem solvers, in the classroom and beyond!

Puzzle types include: 

Angle Mazes, Connect the Critters, Skip-Counting Paths, Fence 'Em In, Fillominoes, Times Out, Product Squares, Arranging Squares, Circle Sums, Fraction Link, Abstract Art, Shikaku
    By Chris Page, Palmer Mebane, and Jason Batterson.
    Design by Doğa Arı
    Recommended for students ages 9+
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