Collection: Fitzroy Readers

The Fitzroy Program is a complete P-6 literacy resource. Nine sets of ten sequential phonic readers form the core of the program. The Word Skills workbooks provide activities that focus on each new sound or digraph introduced in the readers, as well as spelling, grammar, comprehension and creative English exercises. There is one Word Skills workbook for each set of readers, except the final set which has two workbooks. Unique worksheets accompany each reader.

In addition to the readers and workbooks, the Fitzroy Program includes software, audio materials and educational games.

The Fitzroy Program promotes confidence and mastery of English literacy for all kinds of learners, at any stage, across diverse educational settings – in the classroom, at home, and for teaching English as an additional language.

For information regarding what level to enter the Fitzroy Program with a particular student, visit Where To Start.

The Fitzroy Readers were first created for use in the classrooms of Fitzroy Community School in 1976 and the full suite of resources is now used in thousands of Australian schools and around the world.