Collection: Apologia

Unabashedly Christian Curriculum for Primary, Intermediate and High School.

We currently stock the primary, intermediate and High School science, the new Mathematics primary curriculum and the What we Believe Series

Apologia teaches science curriculum from a creation point of view bringing God into every aspect of science. Not fitting scripture into science but rather teaching that God created this beautiful world for us and showing how science and scripture fit together

The Textbooks are hardcover, stunningly illustrated in full colour and are presented in a conversational & personal style which is both easy to read and easy to listen too when read aloud.

Accompanying the textbooks are the corresponding Notebooking Journals which come ringbound with a hefty number of engaging and fun activities to do alongside the textbook. These are in full colour and the children work in them so they actually become their own personalised learning journal. There are writing prompts, pictures, full lapbook style cut out activities and handwriting or printing exercises with corresponding scripture.  
There are also Lapbooking projects available to download online along with MP3 audio files for auditory learners.