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Modern Milestones: Spelling You See Level G

Modern Milestones: Spelling You See Level G

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Get ready for a different kind of spelling lesson, with no tests, lists, or rote memorization. It’s a win-win for instructors and students. New to Spelling You See? Use the Checklist for Success to determine exactly what you need.

Modern Milestones is designed for students in the Word Extension stage of spelling. Students will read about the contributions of many different people during the last four centuries. Students will begin to learn details about specific spelling patterns, particularly how prefixes and suffixes are used to expand or change the meaning of words.

This level:

  • Features artists, musicians, scientists, and others who have influenced our world since early modern times
  • Expands and adapts the familiar Spelling You See activities:
    • marking word patterns – focuses attention on the ways in which suffixes and prefixes affect the spelling of different words
    • copywork – continues to be a valuable tool to help the brain pay attention to details in print
    • dictation – gives the student the opportunity to recall the proper letter patterns from memory
  • Includes a weekly Workshop activity that provides students with opportunities to apply and practice the patterns they have learned
  • Gradually increases in reading level, providing opportunities for vocabulary development and allowing students to learn how to spell words in an interesting context

In Modern Milestones, students are introduced to a new way of marking word patterns that emphasizes how prefixes and suffixes are added to base words to enhance or change their meanings. Passages on artists, musicians, scientists, and others who have influenced our world since early modern times provide opportunities for students to practice new word patterns in a meaningful context.

      Universal Set G: Modern Milestones: Spelling You See, includes both the Instructors Handbook and the Student Pack

      Instructors Handbook: The Instructor's Handbook contains an introduction to the philosophy behind Spelling You See and the five developmental stages of spelling. The Handbook also contains a "Getting Started" guide and detailed instructions for each lesson, including suggested activities that coordinate with the weekly Spotlight. At the back of the Handbook there is more information about each activity, answers to frequently asked questions, the passages for dictation, and an answer key.

      Student Pack:   The Student Pack includes two student workbooks and a pack of erasable colored pencils. Each of the 36 lessons is divided into five parts, A through E, and includes two facing pages. Each day the instructor reads the passage together with the student. Students will also "chunk" the appropriate letter patterns indicated for that day's lesson and have opportunities for copywork and writing from dictation throughout the week.


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