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Listen and Write: Spelling You See Level A

Listen and Write: Spelling You See Level A

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Get ready for a different kind of spelling lesson, with no tests, lists, or rote memorization. It’s a win-win for instructors and students. New to Spelling You See? Use the Checklist for Success to determine exactly what you need.

Listen and Write provides a gentle introduction to spelling for your young students as they move from the Preliterate Stage into the Phonetic Stage of spelling. Listen and Write provides your students with the foundation they need to become confident, competent spellers.

This level A:

  • Focuses on lowercase letter formation, consonants, and short vowels
  • Moves the student from three-letter words to four-letter and eventually to five-letter words
  • Includes the focus of each day’s worksheet at the top for easy reference

While Listen and Write is not a handwriting course, efficient handwriting techniques allow students’ brains to handle these tasks effortlessly and concentrate on more important things, such as sound-to-letter correspondence. This level comes with a handwriting guide for your student.

Another fun feature of Listen and Write are the stickers that are included. Your student can find a sticker to match a word from the day’s lesson, or simply choose one as a reward for a job well done. The sticker page includes suggestions on how to use them with the lesson.

Listen and Write: Spelling You See Level A provides lots of practice in writing individual letters and in hearing the sounds that letters make in simple words. This level is for a beginning reader who is still learning letter names and sounds and how to hold a pencil properly when writing.

The Universal Set includes both the Intructors Handbook & the Student Pack

Instructors Handbook: The Instructor's Handbook contains an introduction to the philosophy behind Spelling You See and the five development stages of spelling. The Handbook also contains a "Getting Started" guide with an overview of the organization of the 36 lessons and information about the important skills and concepts that will be learned in this level. At the back of the Handbook there is more information about dictation, answers to frequently asked questions, and a collection of helpful resources including the Daily Dictation and General Dictation Lists.

Student Pack: The Student Pack includes one Student Workbook, the Listen and Write Sticker Pack, and the Guide to Handwriting. Each of the 36 lessons is divided into five parts, A through E. Your student will complete one page per day in a single ten-minute session. Lessons involve letterbox activities like tracing letters, writing words, and reading words back to the instructor after they have been written. The student workbook is designed to engage your child with colorful pictures and helpful guides.

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