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Sequential Spelling

Sequential Spelling Level six

Sequential Spelling Level six

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Sequential Spelling is based on the classic Orton-Gillingham approach of multi-sensory instruction and follows the instructional focuses of Structured Literacy, including its focuses on phonology and sound-symbol association (our word families or rimes); syllable instruction and morphology. These last elements are introduced in our curriculum. This allows children to learn inductively (just as they learned to walk and to talk) and to achieve what the authors of Structured Literacy call automatically and we call mastery: the ability to process language so fluidly that it no longer presents a barrier to analytical thinking and comprehension.

Level Six consists of 180 daily lessons totaling just under 4,500 words. It begins with the word families "ot" and "ity" and ends with the word families "ity" and "ive".

Level Six is normally undertaken by 11 - 12-year-olds. Older children who have struggled or who are coming into Sequential Spelling from another program sometimes begin here. Please see our Placement Test here to determine if this level is right for your student. This work is commonly used for rehabilitative work and it is not uncommon for teenagers to begin here.

Teacher's Guide

  • Instructions for Use
  • Word Lists for 180 Days
  • Correct Answers to SB Optional Exercises
  • Correct Answers for Evaluation Tests
  • Optional Rules You Might Consider Teaching

Student Book

  • Work Space for 180 Days
  • 180 Fun, Optional Exercises
  • Five Evaluation Tests
  • Story Starters

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