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Science Smart Level 6

Science Smart Level 6

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Science SMART series is developed to cover comprehensively the learning outcomes of the latest Cambridge Primary curriculum framework.
Adopting the Inquiry Approach, Science SMART uses engaging visuals and presentation formats with well-crafted activities to arouse pupils’ curiosity about the world around them. This motivates pupils to learn, enabling them to better grasp key scientific concepts. At the same time, emphasis is given on developing pupils’ inquiry and process skills, critical thinking, as well as 21st Century skills. 

Together with the SMART characters. Smarty, Min, Ari, Rita and Tom, Pupils will embark on a journey of discovery through each chapter.


Science SMART Level 6 comprises the following components:
  • Textbook Level 6
  • Workbook Level 6
  • Teacher’s Guide Level 6 — Contains Scheme-of-Work, lesson plans, wraparound teacher’s notes for Textbook and Workbook, with additional information and tips on conducting and delivering effective Science lessons.
  • Additional worksheets for consolidation, fun & games, and exam practice are available online for teachers.
Level 6 Science Smart covers the following topics:
  • Body Systems:  Respiratory, Circulatory - Why do we need air?  What makes up our respiratory system and what is its function?  What makes  up our circulatory system and what is its function?  What if our respiratory and circulatory systems break down?
  • Energy - What is energy?  What are the different forms of energy?  What is energy conversion?  Conserving Energy.
  • Food Chains - How do organisms get their energy?  How is energy transferred between organisms?  What happens when living things die?  What are food webs?
  • Adaptions - What are adaptations, How are animals adapted to their environment?  How are plants adapted to their environment?  How are different organisms suited to their habitats?
  • Our Environment and Us - What are natural resources and why are they important?  How has man negatively affected the environment?  How can we care for our environment?
  • Reversible and Irreversible Changes - What are reversible and irreversible changes?  What are mixtures?  How can we separate solid mixtures?  What happens when solids are mixed with water?  How do we separate insoluble solids from liquids?  How can we separate soluble solids from liquids?

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