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Science Smart Level 7
Science Smart Level 7
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Science Smart Level 7

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Science SMART for Cambridge Lower Secondary series is designed to fulfil the requirements of the Cambridge Secondary curriculum framework and the needs of a 21st century learner.

This series continues from the foundation built in the Science SMART series for Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework. It adopts an enquiry-based and dialectic approach to foster literacy and conceptual understanding in Science. Students will have many opportunities to develop their 21st century competencies and be actively involved in the learning process. Science concepts are developed with reference to the real-world to make learning a meaningful and authentic journey for the student.

Contents for Level 7:

Unit 1: Living things - States of Matter - Energy transformations

Unit 2: Micro-organisms and diseases - The Earth and beyond - Putting things into groups.

Unit 3: Habitats and the environment - Acids and bases - Forces and their effects


Science SMART 7 Textbook Sample

Science SMART 7 Workbook Sample

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