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Stewardship - Personal Finance from a biblical perpective

Stewardship - Personal Finance from a biblical perpective

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Stewardship is a personal finance curriculum taught from a biblical perspective. With Steve Demme’s signature humility, humor, and sharp math skills, practical math instruction is combined with Biblical principles of finance and discipleship material. This edition is updated with current topics relevant to young people aged 15 and older, who are beginning to explore more independent financial opportunities and responsibilities.

What's Included in Stewardship?

There are three books that comprise the written material: the Instruction Manual, Biblical Studies, and Student Workbook. The video instruction via DVD.

Instruction Manual: This book is where you will find teaching, several examples of the new materials, and the answer keys for all 36 lessons. Study this book and watch the video instruction to learn the content of each lesson.

As this book was written, it was assumed that students would have some knowledge of algebra, and would be between fifteen and seventeen years old.

Biblical Studies: This book has two sections: one on Biblical Principles to govern our treasure, and the other on Scripture Studies to instruct our heart. As stated earlier, Jesus says in Luke 12:34, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be.” Steve’s objective in pulling these studies together is to impact our heart and our treasure (money, time, gifts, talents, and energy) with the eternal Word of God.

Student Workbook: After you’ve watched the video portion and read the Instruction Manual (along with the two Biblical Studies portions), then you are ready to begin work in the Student Workbook. Each of the 36 lessons has five worksheets per lesson, for a total of 180 student worksheets.

Each worksheet has ten questions. Questions 1-7 are taken from the math involved in personal finance, 8-9 are from the Biblical Studies, and number 10 is a discussion question to facilitate interaction between students and their parents and grandparents.

Consumer Math Topics

  •   Banking & Checking Budgeting
  •   Credit Cards
  •   Comparison Shopping
  •   Cost of Owning a Vehicle
  •   Understanding Mortgages
  •   Cost of Owning a Home
  •   Temple Maintenance
  •   Insurance and Assurance
  •   Cost of Post-Secondary Education
  •   Post High School Alternatives
  •   Entrepreneur
  •   Employer or Employee
  •   Christian Micro-Finance

Biblical Principles to Govern Our Treasure

  •   The Love of Money
  •   Trusting God and Being Content
  •   Honor the Lord With Your Wealth
  •   Marriage and Money
  •   Purchasing With Prayer
  •   Giving From a Redeemed Heart

Scripture Studies to Instruct Our Heart

  •   Loving God and Belonging to God
  •   Conviction Versus Condemnation
  •   Pray About Everything
  •   Guard Your Heart
  •   The Ministry and Work of the Spirit
  •   Our Identity in Jesus, the Christ
  •   The Blood of Jesus

Note: The Student Set contains the Student Text book and a Test Book.

For more information and downloadable Table of Contents see the Demme Learning website


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