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Learning Without Tears

My First School Book

My First School Book

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Got a child who wants to learn to write? Or a younger child who wants to do 'school' work just like their older siblings? Then they will love to have their own 'My First School Book'

My First School Book - workbook

Children learn joyfully with the multisensory readiness activities in My First School Book. Children of different abilities develop and practice crucial readiness and pre-writing skills.

  • Child-friendly language makes letter and number formation easy
  • Unique gray crayon stroke disappears when children trace over it
  • Social-emotional activities for school readiness
  • Color, number, and shape lessons develop crayon and pencil grip
See the Learning Without Tears Website for sample pages


My First School Book & My First Lowercase book. Workbook Set

Teach children pre-writing and capitals with My First School Book and then naturally progress into teaching them lowercase letters with My First Lowercase Book in this two-book set.

Readiness & Writing Pre-K Teacher' Guide

Lessons address general readiness, alphabet knowledge, letter and number recognition, capital and lowercase letter formation, counting, drawing, shapes, and colors.

  • 8"x11" spiral-bound teacher's guide, 274 pages
  • Multisensory activities for hands-on learning
  • Additional educator resources


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