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Learning Without Tears

Kick Start Kindergarten

Kick Start Kindergarten

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Kick Start Kindergarten workbook and Kick Start Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide are designed to provide a developmentally appropriate segue. From fine motor skills to letters and numbers, students navigate through essential pre-literacy, pre-math, and other cognitive skills.


Kick Start Kindergarten bridges pre-K and kindergarten by introducing capital and lowercase letter formation for transitional kindergarten students.

  • Introduces both capitals and lowercase letter formations
  • Provides fine motor skill-building
  • Includes developmentally appropriate lessons
  • Differentiated instruction and cross-curricular activities
  • Works with a 9-month or year round calendar

See the Learning Without Tears Website for sample pages

Teachers Guide:

 Kick Start Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide is designed to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum option to 4-year-old and younger 5-year-old children who are academically in-between preschool and kindergarten.


  • Embedded multimedia makes lesson planning easy
  • Differentiated instruction
  • English Language Learners strategies and activities
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Seamless and fluid instruction (includes modeling, writing, and music)
  • Introduces students to lowercase letters earlier
  • Provides fine motor skill-building
  • Includes teaching guidelines and lesson plans for easy teacher prep
  • Developmentally sequenced to fit a nine-month or year-round calendar
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