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Fitzroy Readers

Fitzroy Sounds

Fitzroy Sounds

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Fitzroy Sounds is a quick, fun way to learn the basic letter sounds, fast-tracking early reading development. Children simply listen and sing along with the audio.

All letters come with their own sturdy A4 full-colour letter cards (folded to A5). The pictures are chosen to phonically support each letter sound. For each letter, there is a guide that shows children how to write the letter with correct stroke order.

Fitzroy Sounds comes with two audio CDs that give phonetic (EAL) and traditional (native speaker) pronunciation of the 26 letter sounds. The EAL (English as an Additional Language) phonetic CD is more technically accurate, and better for those who have not grown up listening to English. The traditional version is a quicker and more practical route for those who already speak English.

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