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Shape & Colour Dominoes

Shape & Colour Dominoes

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This game is something I created about 15 years ago when my eldest Isaac was only a toddler—I made it by hand with black cardboard, coloured shapes, glue and clear duraseal because I didn’t have a laminator—rocking it old school. =)

They have been played with so very much over the years and are still going strong, currently being played with by my 6 year old Dominic on occasion.
Since my family have got so much enjoyment and learning out of them, I figured I would create a digital version so more families can also enjoy them.

These you can play with in a multitude of ways.
• match the colour
• match the shape
• match both for double the challenge!

I change up how we played with them depending on the ability of the child I am playing. Don’t be afraid to make up your own way of playing and make new rules and break others. This is about having fun while learning.

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