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Ding & Dent: Maths Smart Level 6A

Ding & Dent: Maths Smart Level 6A

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The Maths SMART series comprehensively covers the Learning outcomes in the Cambridge Primary Curriculum framework using the very popular teaching style of Singapore Maths.

Concepts and key skills within each Chapter are developed in a structured and step by step manner following the popular Concrete > Pictorial > Abstract approach to help pupils gain a firm foundation in mathematics. Well-crafted questions and activities are infused throughout the package to allow pupils to reinforce concepts learnt and enable them to acquire key skills such as creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The System consists of 3 books working together to comprehensively teach each Maths concept: Teachers Guide, Student Textbook & Student Workbook

Teachers Guide: Provides an array of information, ideas and resources for complete teaching support. Every chapter includes :

  1. Scheme of Work & Chapter Overview
  2. Lesson Notes
  3. Supportive Teachers guide features
  4. Workbook Answer schemes
  5. Additional online support.
Student Textbook: Packed with interesting features including
  1. Chapter Opener
  2. Learning Outcomes
  3. "Do you Remember?" questions
  4. Fascinating Facts
  5. Use of concrete materials and pictorials
  6. "Try This" Sections
  7. Hands on Maths Ideas
  8. 'On your own' questions
  9. Workbook links to correct workbook pages
  10. "Apply what you know" sections
  11. "I know that" key concept summary

Student Workbook:

  1. Worksheets - exercises and activities
  2. Putting it Together 1 - skill set questions
  3. Putting it Together 2 - Problem solving, My thoughts & Self Check
  4. Mid year review paper

Maths Smart 6A covers:

  • Decimals - Understanding thousandths, comparing and ordering decimals, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division by 10, 100, and 1000
  • Ratio - Ratio and fractions, ratio and proportion, solving word problems
  • Percentages and Fractions
  • Shapes - quadrilaterals, classifying polygons
  • Position and Movement - Transformations
  • Geometry
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