Stock Arriving July '23 and Aug '23

Stock Arriving July '23 and Aug '23

We have been working really hard to have consistent stock levels so things are in stock when you want them without huge wait times. The problem we have is a good one! We are slowly and steadily growing as a business and we keep selling more than we expect to! 

Chris has been working hard to do predict what may sell within 3-6 months and order accordingly but there is honestly not a lot of patterns in sales we can use to predict this accurately enough at this stage.

Our plan is to do smaller more frequent orders and reduce the wait times when we are out of stock. Therefore I have some news!

Our next shipment is due to arrive mid July and we have another shipment of stock we couldn't order in July due to USA shipping delays due to arrive in August!

Pre orders for the July shipment have been open for the last few weeks and we will fulfill them as soon as the stock arrives with us.

Once we have received and sorted the July stock and we have confirmation of our AUG stock being on the boat and on the way to us  - we will open up Pre orders for our Aug stock shipment.

We can't always order everything we need in one go due to a multitude of factors including what is available from our USA suppliers, USA shipping availability and business cashflow! it is quite a juggle ordering from multiple companies at once and getting them all to one location to then get shipped here to NZ. Luckily this is Chris department completely and I (Krystel) don't have to worry about the logistics of it all.

We have also found ourselves selling a lot more All About Learning than anticipated so we will be doing another order with them to fill in the gaps we have in stock which should be due into NZ early October all going well.

For those wondering why there are large wait times sometimes when we are out of stock - it is because we sea freight rather than airfreight. We have been doing this now for the last few years and it has allowed us to stay in business through the last few years of astronomical air freight price hikes - the trade off is sea freight is much slower but it allows us to continue to offer a wide range of amazing resources at a lower price than if we still used airfreighting. Air freighting aids an additional 25% plus onto the cost of goods! 






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