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Handwriting without Tears workbook*NEW PRODUCT IN*      

Handwriting Without Tears

We are super excitied to be able to bring you this fabulous and very popular writing curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears (HWT). It is a fantastic, full writing programme which will take your child from pre-writing skills, right through to a confidence cursive script. It is a step by step, full instructional programme with a teachers manual available for each level, so you can be confident in teaching your child correctly and in the best way for them, with no more tears!

Have a look at what we currently have in stock for Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum. If there is something you want that we don't have please just let us know and we will happily get in it for you. 


Beast Academy     * CURRICULUM IN FOCUS *    

Beast Academy

A fun & engaging new Maths Curriculum by Art of Problem Solving. Beast Academy presents Maths in a comic strip style teaching maths to students through the lives of cartoon beasts. Your child will enjoy reading these fabulous stories all the while learing maths. The practise books provide loads of excercises to solidify what has been taught in the corresponding guide books.


Tell A Story* GAME IN FOCUS*    



Tell-A-Story, brought to you by Ravensburger Games, is a Imaginative memory and storytelling game for 1-5 players, ages 4+. 

Players will learn and practise creativity, sequencing, matching and storytelling skills while having fun and hopefully creating a few laughs as well. In this simple but creative game you find/choose your character card and using your memory skills find their matching story telling cards delighting everyone playing with your imaginative skills telling your characters story promted by the discovered cards. 

Contains 50 storycards, 10 character cards & full instructions.

This is a fantastic tool for encouraging reluctant storytellers to fire up their imaginations and practise their verbal story telling skills.



 END OF LINE CLEARANCE is a newly introduced section on our site. This is where all 'old' curriculum will go. This is curriculum we can unfortunately no longer bring into New Zealand for one reason or another or curriculum that is now out of print due to new updated versions now being in print. Stock in this section is heavily reduced and needs to sell so come have a look if you are after a great bargin.

DINGS & DENTS is up and running!!! Here we will pop any damaged stock at a discounted price. Occassionally stock gets damaged in transit so if you don't mind a wee ding or dent and want to save a few dollars, come have a look at what you can find in here.


If Chris or I can help you in anyway, finding the right curriculum for your child/family, choosing a game, sourcing a new product - don't hesitate to get in contact with us @ or come find us on Facebook or Instagram @ EngagingMindsNZ 


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