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Sing, Sound & Count with Me CD
Engaging Minds NZ

Sing, Sound & Count with Me CD

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Teach language and number concepts through movement and play to upbeat songs that reinforce your instruction. 

Features over 25 songs including: 

  •  "I'm Happy to See You" (English and Spanish versions)
  •  "Ballet Dancing Truck Driver"
  • "It's Pre-K!" 

Preview SongsIt's Pre-K!The Ants Go Marching I'm Happy to See You I'm Happy to See You (Spanish) Shape Song Counting, Counting Apples and Bananas Smile! Counting CandlesHurry Burry Sing Your Name Pattern Dance I Am a Fine MusicianCounting at the Table Dolphins SwimSyllable Sound-Off Inside, Outside Tickledee-dee Leaves and Branches, Trunk and Roots Big NumbersAnimals in the House That Would Be Me! Letters Together Make Words Rhyming Riddles It's Line Up Time Starting Sound Shuffle Dumplin' Song Rowboat, Rowboat Ballet Dancing Truck Driver


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