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Fitzroy Readers

Fitzroy Readers

Fitzroy Readers

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The Fitzroy Readers use a phonic approach to literacy and consist of ninety carefully graded story books. Each reader builds on the one before by introducing a new sound or digraph, and a few special words to learn by memory. Once a child has learnt the new sound and the special words, they can proceed to read the story. The success of the Fitzroy Readers lies in the strictly sequential progress from one story to the next.

* The Fitzroy Readers are sold in packs of ten.

* It is recommended to match each set with the Word Skills Set of the same level 

* Audio books for each level are also available

Fitzroy Readers 1-10

Fitzroy Readers 1-10 are suitable for Prep/Foundation students.

The first five readers each emphasise one basic vowel sound (aeio and u) and one or two special words (sight words) are introduced in each reader. Reader 9 teaches the first digraph – oo as in roof.

Working through the Fitzroy Alphabet Book provides the perfect foundation for starting on Fitzroy Readers 1-10.

Fitzroy Readers 1x-10x

Fitzroy Readers 1x-10x are suitable for Prep/Foundation students. Fitzroy Readers 1x-10x is the second pack in the series and uses the same sounds as the first set but with longer words and stories. They provide more practice for beginner readers, extending and consolidating what has already been learnt.

Fitzroy Readers 11-20

Fitzroy Readers 11-20, the third pack in the series, systematically introduces one new sound (digraph) in each reader, such as shall and ay, as well as a few special words (sight words), such as whatwant and their.

Fitzroy Readers 11x-20x

Fitzroy Readers 11x-20x is the fourth set in the series. These stories boost reading confidence and fluency by reinforcing all that has been learnt so far in the Fitzroy Readers, without introducing any new digraphs. Two or three special words (sight words), such as doesmagic and friend, are introduced with each reader in this pack.

Fitzroy Readers 21-30

Fitzroy Readers 21-30 are the fifth pack in the series. This mid-primary set continues with the step-by-step development of literacy. Each reader in 21-30 introduces a new sound (digraph), such as thaw and ee, and a handful of special words (sight words), such as laugheight and one.

Fitzroy Readers 21x-30x

Fitzroy Readers 21x-30x is the sixth pack in the series, and suits mid-primary students. These charming stories extend the students, with more words on each page and the inclusion of some longer words. Each reader in 21x-30x introduces a new sound (digraph) and a handful of special words (sight words), such as knowyoung and two.

Fitzroy Readers 31-40

Fitzroy Readers 31-40, the seventh pack in the series, aimed at mid-primary level, continues with the carefully graded development of literacy. Each reader in 31-40 introduces one or two new sounds (digraphs), such as eaew and air, and a handful of special words (sight words), including achethrough and beautiful. Long vowel sounds, such as i-e as in bike, are introduced in this pack.

Fitzroy Readers 41-50

Fitzroy Readers 41-50 is the eighth set in the series. The readers in this upper-primary pack offer longer and more complex stories. Each reader in 41-50 introduces up to three new sounds (digraphs), such as wrtion and ous, and up to ten special words (sight words), including sceneautumn and sword. Students who can comfortably read this set are usually able to enjoy a wide range of chapter books.

Fitzroy Readers 51-60

Fitzroy Readers 51-60 is the ninth and final pack in the series. Each reader in 51-60 introduces one or two new sounds, many of which are single-letter extra sounds, such as y in myth, o in won, and a in path. Each reader also introduces up to ten special words (sight words), including cellovaguely and echoed. Students who can comfortably read this set are able to engage with general literature, such as magazines, newspapers and novels.


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