We took off the pre-order option for out of stock curriculum - this is why.

out of stock pre-orders

Changes to how we are ordering curriculum.....

As a lot of people are aware now the covid pandemic basically doubled our airfreight costs overnight and made airfreight curriculum no longer viable without us doing a major increase in curriculum prices. Because we didn't want to do this, Chris and I changed the way we are importing the curriculum into NZ and are now importing it via ship! However this process comes with its own set of challenges for example, we need to increase the volume we are ordering at one time by about 6 fold which means we have large costs in one go rather than spread out over a few months - and the logistics of ordering from multiple suppliers at once and getting it collated and shipped together! This means we wont be ordering as often and if we are out of stock of something it could be some months before we are able to order it in.

What does all of this mean for you??
Simply that where possible we need you to order at least 2 months in advance before you need to start using the curriculum!! We have turned off the pre-order option for anything that is not in stock for the foreseeable future but will use that option when we have the curriculum already ordered and is only 2 weeks away. If you want something that isn't in stock then please just flick us a message so we know to order it when we place our next order.

Also please note some of our overseas suppliers are temporarily out of stock due to the major upsurge of Home schoolers world wide! Yet another reason to think ahead and sort out what curriculum you are going to need early! 

Also because we get our curriculum overseas and their school year is the opposite to ours this can cause supply issues, when they get their stock printed and are bringing in new curriculum for the start of the Northern Hemisphere school year which happens to be in the middle of our school year!

Once again thank you so much for your support & if you need anything please reach out to us on Facebook, E-mail or via our Website.

Chris & Krystel.

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