Next USA stock shipment due mid August
Next USA stock shipment due mid August
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Stock update and expected delivery dates - JULY 2022

STOCK from the USA

We ordered the stock back in March and it is FINALLY on a ship towards NZ. We had unexpected delays when something else in the shipping container our stock was in needed to be inspected by USA customs, delaying the leaving date of our stock. We got news a few days ago that it was scheduled to leave the USA but was on its way to Sydney first. It is scheduled to be in Sydney on the 19th of July so we are expecting in to get to NZ end of July all going well, and down to us hopefully by mid August.

In this shipment we have coming:

  • All About Reading & Spelling
  • IEW
  • Life of Fred
  • Math U See Integer Blocks
  • Writing and Rhetoric

We have had a multitude of enquires about when we are opening pre orders  - so I am working on this now and hoping pre orders will be open midday Friday.


We have also recently restocked on Math U See Alpha and will have full Math U See restocked in a few weeks as have put through yet another order for more. Such a popular Math Curriculum! We are super lucky it is printed here in NZ and we can get more stock generally within a few weeks.

Our apologies for how long we were out of stock of Alpha programme! we had a few miscommunications about ordering more in a timely manner.


Krystel has been working behind the scenes recreating some of our families most loved printable digital resources so your family can get years enjoyment and learning out of them as well. They are available for instant download and printing, no postage required!

If they are popular then Krystel can always create new ones as there are more on the horizon yet.


These come from Australia and are taking 3-4 weeks to arrive with us here in NZ. We do our best to keep this in stock, but it can get a bit tricky with ordering times and having enough out of stock to put through a big enough order to make shipping worth while.

We have a awesome new product to share with you when it arrives with us.

Alphabetics game!!  Making spelling fun!  

Alphabetics is a phonic card game for two to four players. Each player picks up five cards and takes turns to make words. Each card displays a single letter or sound (such as sh or ar). The pack includes 160 cards in two sets: basic and extension. The basic cards are for beginners up to middle primary. Use the extension cards to make words with all 44 sounds; for upper primary, secondary and beyond.

For a sneak peak check it out at the fitzroy readers website Alphabetics Card Game - Fitzroy Readers  


These come from Singapore and can take 3-5 weeks to arrive with us from ordering. Similar to Fitzroy readers - we do our best to keep these in stock but need to have enough out of stock to make ordering and shipping worth while.

We have recently put through an order for this so should be fully restocked within a few weeks.

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