Shipment update & Christmas break for us.

Stock Shipment update: 


The latest information from our freight forwarder is that the ship our stock is on is due into NZ on the 17th December. However, with the massive unloading delays Auckland port is currently experiencing and then further delays with the Christmas holidays, we are now not expecting to receive the shipment until sometime early in the New Year. We don’t have an estimate date as there are just too many unknowns at this point. 

We know that our lovely customers have been waiting a very long time for this stock to arrive and that the arrival date keeps on shifting. Please understand that this has in no way been intentional on our part and we have been honest with what we thought arrival times would be to the best of our knowledge and have done our best to keep you, our customers as up to date as we can. We know this is a disappointing and frustrating situation, we are very frustrated ourselves. 

We will do our best to have everyones orders to them by the start of the term next year even if we have to travel up to Auckland ourselves to pick up the freight! However, a lot of this is out of our hands and all we can do now is wait. For those that have products on pre-order but haven’t put payment through yet, please don’t panic – we will extend the reservations on everyone's draft orders for you – you won’t miss out on receiving the stock your ordered – once it gets here that is!  

For those that are on our waiting list for more All About Learning products – we will be ordering more as soon as we can. We are in a new and unexpected situation with the events of this year effecting the way we order more goods. No longer can we rely on airfreight and still sell the curriculum at an affordable price, so we have switched to getting freight here via ship. This however comes with its own set of challenges and new things to learn. The biggest thing is we are now ordering in MUCH larger quantities and we are doing everything manually until we get ordering processes put in place for this new way of ordering. It also means ordering from multiple suppliers at once which means much more to juggle at one time and sometimes wait for. We can’t afford to order in the wrong things that aren’t going to sell (small business!) so we are thankful for all those that have put through pre orders as is makes ordering much easier on us – and we appreciate your patience very much! We promise we will get better at this! 

Yes, we know it is taking us longer than we like to reply to emails, do things for people and just get things done – please know we are doing our best around Chris working full time, me homeschooling (although yah for holidays now!) and mumming full time and having to do everything within the business manually as we just weren’t set up for what has happened this year and how rapidly things have changed for us. Doing things like pre orders, draft orders all takes up so much time! We currently have 60 plus orders on backorder waiting for stock to arrive and are needing to get all our information correct before we get more stock on the way! We have to make sure that we are ordering the correct products so we don’t double up on stock we have plenty of and then don’t have anything of what we actually need – there is an art to ordering this far in advance and we haven’t quite mastered it as of yet. 

On a personal note, this year has been a tough one for our family and we are looking forward to having an actual break over Christmas and New Year period! As I am sure many of you are. 

We have had sprained ankles, bad knees, head surgery for our youngest, appendix out for Krystel, athletics competitions, Chris also works in international freight so his job has been crazy this year, especially in the last 6 months! But we are OK! The kids are doing amazingly well and are looking forward to long holiday days of Lego making, loads of reading time, water play, sandpit time, beach time, family time, board games and just general fun.  

We will be taking a break from the business from the 22nd December until the 10th of Jan, we will still be doing stuff in the backround but won’t be as available on social media or emails to answer questions. Of course as soon as the stock arrives we will be getting it out to you all – holiday break or not! 

If you need to know something specific about your order please feel free to contact us – an order number really helps save us time so please try to include that in corresponding with us. 


Here is wishing you all a restful, family filled advent and Christmas season and we look forward to hearing from you in the new year. 

Chris, Krystel & Family. 

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