Restock shipment update

Hi All – quick update on eta of our stock arriving which was due end of November.

There are delays at ports in NZ at the moment with unloading containers, we’re monitoring as best we can and will keep you up to date with arrival of our next order. It is currently on the boat and our NZ Freight forwarder is due to receive it on the 7th December. It could take a further 8 days plus to be unloaded and get down to us in Hawera!

We will extend the reservation date to ALL pre orders to align with these delays. Your pre orders ARE RESERVED so please don’t be concerned that you will miss out on product.

We are really sorry to be continually moving the date we are receiving this order further out! The delays have not been of our doing and we will endeavour to keep you as informed as possible with up to date information.

Official update from our freight forwarders as follows:

Auckland Port Congestion 
Port congestion in Auckland is causing delays of up to 8 days at present, this is creating significant disruption for shipping lines and ultimately customers. Berthing windows are still suspended, meaning vessels are queuing for berths to discharge containers. According to the port, this is likely to be the case until the end of February.

Port of Tauranga and Metroport
The Port of Tauranga has been assisting carriers with the Auckland issues however now faces its own congestion problem. Tauranga has also cancelled berthing windows so carriers are waiting there as well but time frames are shorter. The biggest issue right now is rail congestion with containers taking 6-8 days to move to Auckland.

Please reach out if you have any concerns.

Blessings, Chris & Krystel.

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