Lost Shipment........

So its a bit of a long story  but basically the Shipping company that brought our stock from the USA released it to the wrong courier and it got lost!!!

Luckily, after a week of searching, frantic emails and phonecalls and a whole lot of stress and worry - some of it was found. It should have been sent straight to us but instead got sent back to Auckland.... it finally arrived with us yesterday along with 2x tyres, wingmirrors, Gluten free oat flour, yeast, salt and books printed in another lanuage! These boxes were all badly damaged with curry powder (or similar) through a lot, I feel for the businesses (at least 3 different ones) missing their stock also..... LUCKILY our stock has arrived with minimal damage to the books inside.

We have received SOME of our All About Reading order, some LOF and all of our Apologia. Arriving today should be Writing and Rhetoric but still missing is IEW!!

We will sort out and get on the courier as many orders as we can and we are in the process of getting another order together so get replacement stock of what hasn't yet been found asap........

Thankyou for all the prayers and messages of support from our customers  - you have been super understanding through all of this mess and it has helped us keep our chins up and keep powering through!

Watch this space for more info.

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