Grammar Practice 5

Grammar Practice 5

Grammar Practice 5

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Grammar Practice (Grammar Skills) is a series of six workbooks that has been written to provide students with valuable links between basic, traditional grammatical concepts and the functional contexts in which they are used.  The activities represent a blend of traditional and functional approaches to describe how texts 'work' in real-life situations and why certain grammatical choices are considered appropriate, providing teachers with a range of techniques to use.  The exercises are varied and incorporate learner-centered activities such as rhymes, short stories, riddles and 'language-in-action'.  The well thought-out exercises are graded, with the challenging ones indicated by a double-star icon.  These workbooks will give pupils ample practice in applying grammatical concepts in real-life oral and written English.



Features of these English Grammar books: 
based on the new Primary English Language Syllabus 2001 (Singapore) 
1. creative activities graded to suit different learning abilities 
2. grammatical concepts presented in context 
3. help learners develop grammatical and good written English 
    answers provided



Abstract and Collective Nouns 
Reflexive and Interrogative Pronouns 
Relative Pronouns 
Adjectives: Position, Types and Formation 
Adjectives of Quantity and Comparison 
Adverbials of Manner and Place 
Emphasizing and Comments Adverbs 
Infinitives and Gerunds 
Prepositions and Phrasal Verbs 
Modals: Obligation and Certainty 
Simple Present and Simple Past Tenses 
Present Continuous Tense 
Present Perfect Tense 
Past Continuous Tense 
Past Perfect Tense 
Talking about the Future 
Direct and Indirect Objects 
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs 
Active and Passive Voice 
Connectors and Conjunctions 
More Connectors
Revision Test



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